katie kirsch

  • shapes new business opportunities at IDEO

  • co-founded a non-profit to empower middle-school girls to become leaders of social change

  • is a designer, doodler, filmmaker, and marketer

  • teaches an advanced need-finding course at the Stanford d.school

  • speaks at conferences and events

  • is addicted to leadership methodologies (and personality quizzes)

  • practices yoga and meditation

  • once got funded on Kickstarter to road-trip across the U.S. in an RV for 14 weeks, teaching design thinking and leadership workshops for hundreds of girls

  • writes everything down

  • graduated at the top of her class from Stanford with a BS in Product Design Engineering

  • is happiest helping people to unlock their leadership potential and find purpose and meaning in their lives and careers

  • lives in San Francisco, CA

  • has designed teaching materials that can be found in 4 different languages in the hands of educators and schools around the world

  • can teach you 5 different ways to cook with kale