Gigaom Roadmap Tech Conference Project

In November 2013, I attended the Gigaom Roadmap Tech Conference in San Francisco, CA, with a team of designers from the Stanford Together, we were given a mission: to redesign the conference experience as it was actually occurring.

Our Design Process

Throughout the day, we went through a rapid version of the full design process, starting with empathy (observing and interviewing conference attendees) and continuing through prototyping and testing.

Through our research, our team discovered an interesting insight: conference attendees sought networking opportunities but found initial hand-shaking introductions difficult to make.

We then researched and prototyped ideas for more efficiently and comfortably connecting entrepreneurs at the conference. To give a few examples, we revised the user interface of the Gigaom Roadmap Tech Conference mobile app, and we redesigned a physical name-tag to be worn by conference attendees that would more properly facilitate early interactions.

Presenting at the Conference

The Stanford made an official presentation at the Gigaom Roadmap Tech Conference, taking the same stage that had previously been taken by successful entrepreneurs and designers such as John Maeda, Jack Dorsey, and more.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.10.11 PM.png

A video of our presentation, combined with a separate video documenting our design process throughout the day, may be viewed below: