Empowering girls to become leaders of social change through design thinking

Girls Driving for a Difference is a 501(c)3 non-profit that I co-founded as an undergrad at Stanford, alongside three amazing colleagues who have become some of my closest friends. Today, we continue to work on GDD outside of our full-time jobs.

Our journey began with a crazy, cross-country road-trip. Over the summer of 2015, we were funded on Kickstarter to drive across the US for 14 straight weeks in an RV, coaching 55 of our design thinking and leadership workshops for more than 1,200 girls across 32 states. In each workshop, we helped girls identify their strengths, discover their leadership abilities, and create their own personal mission statement for improving the world. 

Our teaching toolkits can now be found in the hands of 200 educators, program leaders, and passionate parents in 4 languages and 15 countries around the world.

The flagship program, "Find Your Drive," comes in a box that arrives on your doorstep and includes all the info/materials you need to start empowering girls in your community. "Make Your Mark" is our second, follow-on workshop that can be downloaded online.

This past summer of 2018, we hosted our first superhero-themed summer camp for empowering girls.