The Girls Driving for a Difference workshop curriculum, known as "Find Your Drive," has been endorsed by industry professionals at the Center for Creative Leadership, the Stanford, and IDEO. Today, this curriculum can be found in the hands of more than 100 unique organizations, educators, and community leaders around the world.

During the workshop, girls identify their strengths and passions, discover their leadership abilities, and create their own personal roadmap towards making the world a better place.

The design of our teaching materials was informed by a year-long design research process into the specific needs of middle-school girls. As our concepts underwent several rounds of prototyping, testing, and iteration, I helped to continuously bring our ideas to life on the Adobe Creative Suite.

Designing our "Find Your Drive" curriculum helped me further advance skills in creative storytelling, visual flow, and user experience design. While playful on the surface, underneath, the materials are highly strategic—they optimize students’ energy levels at specific times, foster a community of sisterhood and support amongst initial strangers, and motivate students to want to change the world.

The Girls Driving for a Difference workshop is thoughtfully designed, flawlessly executed, and providing girls an experience where they leave feeling empowered by their strengths, passions and opportunity to make an impact. The GDD team is a brilliant example of the impact that women can make with an entrepreneurial spirit, creative mindset and passion to change the world.
— Alison Tanker, Founder of the Tigress Effect (Cleveland, OH)