Building a curriculum to help girls see themselves as leaders and discover their abilities to create change

To design a curriculum that would meet the needs of middle-school girls (ages 11-14), we spent months researching, interviewing, immersing with, and prototyping activities with students. We experimented with timing, energy levels, flow, and the underlying narrative to ultimately enable an inspirational experience for girls. While playful on the surface, underneath, the materials are highly strategic. They optimize students’ energy levels at specific times, foster a community of sisterhood and support amongst initial strangers, and motivate students to want to change the world.

Creating teaching materials for a global community of educators

We believe that teaching design thinking & girls leadership should be fun, easy, and accessible for everyone. After the road-trip, we evolved and combined our best practices into this Teaching Toolkit: a physical "workshop in a box" that empowers educators, schools, and organizations to bring our workshop to communities of their own.

Bringing the toolkit to life required:

  • Writing and designing a comprehensive, step-by-step Facilitation Guidebook for new workshop coaches

  • Creating online tutorials with clear photo/video instruction

  • Prototyping and testing teaching materials with dozens of schools and educators

  • Working with local printing companies

  • Running several product marketing initiatives, ranging from digital marketing campaigns to promotional videos and materials

  • Managing a global network of schools, organizations, and individuals seeking to create change through our curriculum

The Girls Driving for a Difference workshop is thoughtfully designed, flawlessly executed, and providing girls an experience where they leave feeling empowered by their strengths, passions and opportunity to make an impact. The GDD team is a brilliant example of the impact that women can make with an entrepreneurial spirit, creative mindset and passion to change the world.
— Alison Tanker, Founder of the Tigress Effect (Cleveland, OH)

Building a resonant brand for middle-school girls

We designed flyers, brochures, water-bottles, shirts, stickers, notebooks, mugs, and more. 

Everything starts with a simple sketch.

We filled countless pages with ideas, workflows, and design challenges, ranging from the design of our physical RV motorhome, to new features on our website, to product marketing techniques and storytelling practices for the Teaching Toolkit.