Over a span of four weeks, our team went through a rapid version of the design thinking process, from conducting empathy research at an actual Sharks game to testing our visual, wire-framed software solution with target users.

Our Final Solution

Introducing... the Sharks Grid.

Filmed, edited, and produced by Katie Kirsch.

The Design Process Behind It

Over the course of the project, I dutifully documented everything in a logbook, visualizing and writing out all our insights and ideas by hand. The full logbook encompasses everything: interview and user research insights and observations, ideation sessions, HMW-statement writing, POV and Persona-building, prototyping, Emotional Experience Mapping for our user, story-boarding our final video, and everything in between.

The logbook sketches featured below give a glimpse into our team's design process. Check it out! Feel free to click on any images below to enlarge.