Storytelling on Kickstarter and beyond

We launched a $35,000 Kickstarter fundraising campaign to bring our national tour to life and coach workshops for free, everywhere we went. The campaign also helped us build partnerships with schools, programs, and communities nationally that would benefit most from the curriculum.

I helped with script-writing, story-boarding, filmmaking, and editing and producing our video.

We exceeded our fundraising goal with support from >500 individual donors. Along the way, our campaign was honored as a Kickstarter Project of the Day and mentioned in a New York Times video feature on design.



Sharing our story and impact at conferences and events

We’ve been lucky to share our story and learnings with audiences at SXSW, GEL, Gentry Magazine’s Women in Tech Conference, and more.

The Girls Driving for a Difference team is exceptional in their ability to articulate ambitious but focused goals, their capacity and dedication to see those goals through to the end, and their skills for telling the story of their project in a way that invites others to join so their vision and work grows with each encounter.
— Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom, Director of Programs at Experience Institute