Designing and running Girl Possible, a superhero-themed summer camp for girls

Summer of 2018, we designed, organized, and ran our first summer camp for girls (ages 11-15) in the Bay Area. Enter Girl Possible—a superhero-themed summer program inspiring girls to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow, through design thinking.

We aimed to show girls that they’re a leader for being exactly who they are; inspire girls to create their own social change in the world, starting today; and empower girls to take risks and realize that anything is possible. These 3 ambitions set the stage for what would soon become a jam-packed, 5-day agenda for 50 girls, hosted at Stanford University.

How we did it

Designing, organizing, and running a summer camp program takes some serious blood, sweat, and tears… especially if you’re a team of 4 women working remotely and doing everything from scratch outside of your 9 to 5.

  • Staff: Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and keeping track of 12 high-school counselors

  • Space / Legal Affairs: Reserving the space, securing $5m insurance coverage, and managing background checks, medical forms, and risk waivers

  • Marketing / Recruitment: Spreading awareness to register 50 campers, and managing financial aid packages

  • Content / Activities: Designing a full 1-week agenda of activities for girls, including coordinating 6 guest speaker sessions, covering logistics, coming up with ideas, etc.

  • Materials: Buying food, prototyping materials, and decorations

  • Merchandise: Designing camp t-shirts, superhero capes, lanyards, name-tags, notebooks, and more

  • Fundraising: Applying for and receiving a $16k grant to cover camp costs

  • Communication: Coordinating with 50 moms and dads who didn’t really know what they signed up their daughters to do

  • Teaching: Running lots of activities, team challenges, leadership games, and more during the week of camp


Designing the camp experience and materials

We had a blast bringing our superhero theme to life and personalizing the experience of being at camp from start to finish—including camp t-shirts, superhero masks and custom superhero capes, lanyards, notebooks, posters, decorations, and everything in between.

I led the design process for all of our materials, taking them from hand-drawn sketches —> Adobe Illustrator —> publication on the website + production in terms of merchandise, posters, and other collateral.

“As you probably know, being a teenager isn’t easy… and it gets really easy to feel lonely. This camp did so much to make me and every one of us feel supported, even if it was for just a week. it did a lot to make us as people feel confident and loved which I think is so great because that’s something girls especially have a hard time feeling.

Thank you for having such an impact on my life because I never thought I’d make such strong bonds with people and I definitely wasn’t expecting to enjoy camp this much. It did push me out of my comfort zone a little, but it also gave me a family and I can’t tell you how warm that made me feel.”

—Anonymous camper, 13 years old