While working as a Design and Marketing Intern at SAP on their Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) Team, one of my roles including developing written marketing material to be published on the external UX Design Services website.

My main task involved writing Design Project Team stories, which included researching the context for each project's development, personally interviewing main players on the team, and writing the stories under the appropriate formatting and tone set by earlier stories and other members on the international Marketing Team.

On occasion, I also covered DCC and design-related events, such as non-client-based design thinking workshops held on-site.

Stepping out of the mid-day Bay Area heat and into the open, tailored space, we crowd around Doctor Alan Schroeder, Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Smiling nurses, wearing red cloth shirts with flower pins, calmly navigate our surrounding area. As Dr. Schroeder welcomes us to the medical center, many of us eagerly tip our heads to peer down the colorful halls. A rolling noise catches all of our attention – a little girl in a bright yellow plastic car slips into view, giggling nervously as she spots our crew. “Watch out, everyone,” Dr. Schroeder jokes. “She doesn’t have her license yet.”... Read more

The relationship forged between doctors and patients represents one of the most unique and intimate types existing today. Every time we visit the hospital, we place our lives into the hands of our doctor, trusting him or her as an expert and hoping for the best. What many of us don’t know is that, on average, 4 out of 10 drugs are wrongly administered at hospitals... Read more

It’s the end of the week. A few interaction designers, some software engineers, a handful of consultants, and more slowly trickle out the door, with bags on their backs and weekend plans on their mind. The lights click off around SAP’s Palo Alto campus, and each of the nine buildings softly settles into its weekend slumber... Read more

Despite the great frequency at which companies recruit members for unfilled positions and individuals seek new employment opportunities, several problems appear deeply embedded into the hiring and job-seeking processes across the spectrum... Read more