Katie Kirsch

Hey there! I’m Katie Kirsch,

a designer and strategist focused on empowering girls.

My focus is designing and launching impact-driven products, programs, and experiences at the intersection of education, leadership, and girls empowerment. You can find me:

  • Collaborating with designers and engineers at IDEO

  • Running a non-profit to empower girls

  • Teaching design research methods at Stanford

  • Consulting with startups and other organizations on product and brand work

  • Balancing on my head in a heated yoga studio

And most recently, launching 2020 for Girls—a personal “gap year” project for empowering girls globally. I’m spending 12 months researching the challenges girls face globally and exploring ways we might further empower girls through design. Like a Masters in Design for Girls Empowerment, with a concentration in sexual health education, contraception, periods, and sex trafficking.